Marinara/Gravy/Sauce ... Whatever You Call it! The QUICK and EASY recipe you'll love!

This marinara/gravy/sauce (whatever you call it) is amazingly simple and only calls for 6 ingredients! I saw it on my @nytfood app and I haven’t used another recipe since. I always double this recipe and freeze about half. . Ingredients: .- 4 cans whole peeled tomatoes .- 10-15 cloves slivered garlic .- 1/2 cup olive oil .- fresh basil .- 1 tbsp salt .- red pepper flakes (to taste) . 1. Add garlic cloves to olive oil over medium-high heat and cook until fragrant but not brown 2. Add the tomatoes (crushed by hand) and slosh water in cans (about 1 cup of water plus juices per can) and add 3. Season with salt and pepper flakes 4. Add a few sprigs of basil and let it wilt and cook into the sauce 5. Stir occasionally and reduce down for about 40 minutes and adjust seasonings as needed


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