Tabbouleh / Panzanella Salad

May 11, 2018

I had the craving for a light and fresh lunch today, and was going back and forth between making tabbouleh (a Lebanese salad with fresh herbs, veggies, lemon juice and bulgar), and panzanella (a Tuscan-style tomato/bread salad). So, I decided to combine the two. This salad took about 20 minutes to put together and will yield about 4-6 servings.



- 4 roma tomatoes (cored, seeded & diced)

- 1 medium cucumber (seeded & diced)

- 3 scallions (white & green parts, sliced thin)

- 1/2 cup curly parsley (chopped fine)

- 1/8 cup mint leaves (chopped fine)

- 1 cup red quinoa (cooked according to package)

- 1 small baguette.


- Olive oil

- Red wine vinega

-1-2 garlic cloves

- Dijon mustard

- Salt & Pepper


1. Tear the baguette into small, bite-sized pieces.


2. Coat lightly with olive oil & sprinkle salt


3. Bake at 300 for about 15 minutes.



1. In a small jar, or a bowl add about 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp red wine vinegar, 1-2 grated garlic cloves (I use a microplane to do this), 1 tsp dijon mustard, and salad and pepper to taste.


2. Shake jar or whisk together until ingredients come together* Adjust ingredients to your preference!



1. Add tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, parsley and mint to a bowl.

2. Once cooled, add the quinoa and the croutons (adjust amounts to your preference)

3. Drizzle with about half of the dressing to coat, mix together and let sit.


* Save remaining dressing for when you serve or eat this salad. The longer it sits, the better it tastes! .This tabbouleh/panzanella salad would make a tasty side salad, but it is also a great vegetarian dish on its own. Quinoa is a complete protein, and yields 6 grams per 1/4 cup.




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