Product Review: Cobra Grips! MAXIMUM Grip with MINIMAL Hassle!

Nothing is more irritating at the gym then having unsuccessful lifts due to grip fatigue. Luckily, there are tools out there to prevent this from happening. These include several types of lifting straps, hooks, gloves and wrist supports. All are efficient choices and it really comes down to your own preference. Personally, I have tried a wide variety of grip aids over the years and have found the winner, the king cobra of grips if you will, the Cobra Grip PRO lifting grips from Grip Power Pads. Yes, I did just use the word grip FIVE times in the last sentence but that is what this story is all about folks, GRIP, and when it comes to lifting and breaking through your personal records it's this vital strength that can be your best friend or worst enemy!

For years I was using Harbinger extra long lifting straps with great success, however due to constant wear and tear a need for a worthy replacement was necessary. Enter Cobra Grips PRO. After doing some quick research this brand kept popping up and catching my eye. I finally caved in and decided to give them a try. I purchased these grips about three weeks ago and wanted to show you all my first experience using them on our "MGT pick of the month" product review video. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the outcome. I beat my previous personal best by five pounds on the deadlift the very first session I used them! Now I know a five pound jump isn't much to brag about in an exercise like the deadlift, but I know that number would have been greater if I had just been smarter with my warm up sets and rest periods. The most important detail of that session was my grip was NOT fatigued at all! For the first time in a while my core and legs were the first to tucker out and not my grip! What makes these Cobra Grips so effective? Let's take a look.

Cobra Grips have a durable leather grip, a flexible neoprene wrist collar, and a thick Velcro strap which all provide extreme comfort during lifts. You may use these grips for both pulling and pushing exercises. For example, during a bench press you will grab the bar with the grip protecting your hands and the sturdy neoprene collar providing ample support for your wrists. During a deadlift, you bow out the grip opposite of your hand so the grip can wrap around the bar and tuck under your fingers underneath the bar. Again, the grip prevents chaffing or blisters on the hand and the collar supports the wrist very effectively. To better explain how the grip should be used during a pulling exercise I added a picture below.

Another nice feature of Cobra Grips is that it allows your hands to breath and be cool whereas some other gloves or supports cover more surface area and trap in heat. Also your hands are not limited if, for example, you wanted to send out a text or grab your water bottle. All you have to do is spin them around your wrist and voila, free hands! Cobra Grips are available for men and woman and come in a variety of models. These models include Cobra Grips PRO series, Cobra Grip FIT series, Cobra Grip FLEX series. The PRO series, which is the subject of this blog, is geared more for preventing weightlifting injuries and providing maximum stability for your hands and wrist during heavy lifting. I prefer this model of grip because I use them almost exclusively for deadlifting, outside of this exercise I typically do not wear any kind of grip or wrist support. The FIT series is targeted for women and is designed after the PRO series but are fit more for smaller hands and wrists. Finally the FLEX series is intended for more mobility and motion around your wrist. It does not provide as much support as the PRO or FIT series but still protects your hands from abrasions, blisters or calluses.

I hope you enjoyed the video and blog on our first PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Cobra Grip PRO! This product, along with the FIT and FLEX series are all available on our website so please do yourself and your grips a huge favor and purchase a pair! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and I'll get right back to you. Again, thank you for using our site and stay tuned for new content every week!