TABATA ... Burning Fat in Just 4 Minutes!

Are you getting bored with your workout routine and would like to try something new? Give Tabata training a try! Tabata’s have become a very popular type style of interval training over the years and can be done anywhere, all you need is a timer.

Tabata’s are a high intensity interval training workout routine, also commonly known as “HIIT”. You will start the Tabata with an exercise for 20 seconds without stopping, then rest for 10 seconds. Once those 10 seconds are up you immediately start that exercise again for another 20 seconds. You will go through eight rounds totaling four minutes per Tabata. If you choose to use your phone to keep track of time there are some great apps you can download, such as Tabata Stopwatch Pro. Here is an example of how a Tabata may be written out in a program.


1a) Body Squats- 20 seconds

1b) Rest- 10 seconds

* 1a for 20 sec, 1b for 10 sec. Repeat EIGHT times to total FOUR minutes

Intrigued?? Try it out for yourself with the program I wrote below.

This is a routine for legs and core and its only 28 minutes long!

1a) Dumbbell body squats – 20 seconds

1b) Rest – 10 seconds

2a) Russian Twists – 20 seconds

2b) Rest – 10 seconds

3a) Stiff leg deadlifts – 20 seconds

3b) Rest – 10 seconds

4a) Leg lifts – 20 seconds

4b) Rest – 10 seconds

5a) High windmill with dumbbell (right side) – 20 seconds

5b) Rest – 10 seconds

6a) High windmill with dumbbell (Left side) – 20 seconds

6b) Rest – 10 seconds

7a) Lunges with dumbbell – 20 seconds

7b) Rest – 10 seconds

By switching up your workouts to include Tabata in them, you are guaranteed to see results that will make you searching for further routines!

Keep in touch with MGT to let us know how your workout went, and we will be providing further workout routines including Tabata, and other styles of routines to hit your goals!

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