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Cobra Grips PRO with Adjustable Neoprene Padded Wrist Wrap

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Customer Review

I've had these for one session at the gym....in a word, quality. If there's not a video showing them in use, i'll try to post one. The leather is one not segmented, just stitching, so no worries about it pulling apart. The Wrist Wrap is velcro with a one-size fits all. The wrist wrap is broad providing stability to the wrist bones, and the padding comfortable.

The leather wrap is just long enough to allow you to grab dumbbells or bar, and cinch it up a bit to make it nice and tight. As you can see the pad is broad, protecting your hands and providing excellent comfort. I don't do dead's, but did use them with 230lbs shoulder shrugs. The leather is stronger than your hands (mine at least), and while you can feel it pulling, it's comfortable. If your pressing, either wrap, or allow the bar to sit on the pad...